How well do you know your customer?

DataX provides a suite of services to arm businesses with actionable data to better asses their customers and understand their ability to pay. Get the clear picture of your customer with these services from DataX!

Comprehensive Data Lowers Risk. Empower Your Credit Decisions.

The Industry’s Most Comprehensive Repository of Information On Specialty Finance Consumers

With equitable access to the top industry leaders in specialty finance and additional unique lenders who exclusively report to DataX, our report encompasses everything needed to make the right lending decision, often before slower reporting bureaus are aware that a consumer's credit worthiness is at risk. Gauge how often consumers open loans, as well as how much to lend based on past performance.

Report Sections include:

  • Application Information – Credit Header Data
  • Conflict Indicators – Risk & Fraud
  • Unique Identifiers – Consumer Stability
  • Tradeline Summary – 7 Years Detailed Activity
  • Payment Details – 7 Years Payment Performance Information

Utilize Unique Cross-Industry Data To Confirm The Authenticity Of An Applicant.

Comprised of up-to-date unique performance data from over 300 million consumers, C360 verifies identities other sources cannot. Effective as either a primary verification tool or as an additional screen prior to manual review.


C360 analyzes personally identifiable information (PII) and provides:

  • Verification – which PII elements were successfully verified, as well as those that were unverified and still need to be confirmed with the consumer. Also provides alternative data, such as: phone number, address.
  • Letter Grade – Letter grades are determined by the match strength of the PII to cross-industry real-time data, risk level, and OFAC lists. Letter grades of A-F, with I for insufficient data (unverifiable).
  • Return Codes – codes that describe specific conditions observed within the identity, such as: address match to a list of prison addresses, PO box or private mail facility.

Streamline Your Digital Application Process, While Ensuring A Safe And Seamless Customer Experience.

With the rapid growth of consumers conducting business online, especially via mobile devices, companies look for ways to improve their online customer experience to limit application abandonment and increase conversions, without introducing additional fraud risk.  In order to capture these consumers, service providers need an efficient, safe, and user friendly application process.

This is where ID Connect can help by auto-populating a consumer’s information into online forms all while verifying the individual’s identity and performing a fraud risk assessment. 

How does ID Connect work?

Once a consumer initiates a transaction, ID Connect requires minimal information to be collected from the consumer allowing for the application to be completed in seconds whether on a desktop or mobile device, all while performing a risk assessment. 

After the questions are passed, the application is auto-populated with their information resulting in a seamless enhanced experience for your customer.

Reduce Your Exposure To Fraud With The Next Generation Of Real-Time Identity Authentication Tools.

  • Enables quick, confident, and objective decisions about a consumer’s identity
  • Employs advanced analytics and record-linking technology to provide more robust, accurate and real-time results
  • Measures the strength of the relationship among “in-wallet” data elements by cross-checking consumer input against billions of unique records from both internal and public sources
  • Comprehensive Verification Index (CVI) Score – A calculated numerical score of 0-50 based on the match rate of Name-Address-SSN, Name-Address-Phone
  • Verifies consumer identity, using Name, Address, SSN, DOB and other data elements, including the OFAC check for US Patriot Act compliance

Whether you aim to prevent fraud, reduce risk or profitably grow your business, trust DataX to customize a verification solution for  your needs.

What is it?

  • A supplemental FCRA regulated risk score that introduces a new dimension to the assessment of consumer fraud and credit worthiness – STABILITY
  • Provides unprecedented visibility into consumer risk
  • Dynamic repository of 2 trillion aggregated data elements
  • Includes more than 2 billion unique identity elements & receives an average daily flow of 54 million consumer data elements
  • Over 2 billion historic consumer transactions

Contains real-time, cross-industry data about:

  • Credit applications
  • Card transactions
  • Payments – utility, retail, card, etc.
  • Change of name/address
  • Telephony – wireless/ land
  • Demographics

Protect Your Business By Taking Preventative Action In Real-Time With The Most Up-To-Date And Insightful Bank Account Information!

  • Validate banking information up-front
  • Prevent errors at the point of capture
  • Reduce costs associated with returned items and collections
  • Verify the legitimacy of a bank account and routing number (ABA)
  • Identify potential fraud before it occurs
  • Verify the status of the bank account as reflected in real-time based on the last processing day's cycle
  • Participating:  Majority of US financial institutions reporting in real-time
  • Non-Participating: i.e. Some Regional Banks, Credit Unions reporting in batch.

The DataX Bank Account Verification service also alerts you to high-risk accounts and provides valuable, detailed information including:

  • Closed account
  • Non-transactional account
  • Account not located
  • Repeat offender of NSF
  • Non-Demand Deposit Account (DDA)

An Unprecedented Level Of Insight For Smarter Lnding Decisions.

Knowing your customer’s banking behavior is crucial and can mean the difference between establishing a long term relationship with a valued customer and exposing yourself to fraud.

Below are just a few of the main attributes of the comprehensive FCRA regulated ChexAdvisor Report:

  • Real-time inquiry data provided by the nation’s financial institutions
  • Gain insight into consumers with a thin-file, limited account history and experience, or who are new to the specialty finance space
  • Recognize consumers who frequently open/close bank accounts
  • Know the likelihood of a consumer’s account being forcibly closed
  • Identify persons with a history of fraud closures
  • Cross reference bank account details for insight into bank account age

Consumer Contact Information At Your Fingertips!

With nearly 31.6% of U.S. households dropping their landline phones in favor of mobile phones, finding a reliable source of consumer and business information is a major challenge. Contact Quality Rating (CQR) provides the most accurate, comprehensive, up-to-date consumer and business data in the industry – updated every 15 minutes from 250 data sources.

How does it work?

CQR verifies and categorizes whether a name, address and phone number (Mobile, VoIP, Private) are linked together, thus providing critical insight to quickly identify and move low-risk transactions into the approval process faster.

Benefits of CQR: 

  • Improve conversion rates with unmatched coverage of Mobile, VoIP, Landline and Nonpublic phone Information
  • Know Your Customer- differentiate those with solid intent to pay from consumers who intend to default
    • High-quality consumers generally provide good contact information
  • Better equipped to comply with Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) requirements
  • Approve applications and purchase leads with verified contact information
  • Screen potentially false identities early in the application process
  • Prioritize approved applications and purchased leads for manual review